How to pick the best rehab centers in the country. Details and criteria for finding the top best drug alcohol rehab treatment centers in the country solving the problem of addiction means that steps are taken to reduce the consequences of particular behaviors, and that at the same time; actions are taken to enhance life and bring about permanent change where addiction really is no longer an issue. Within this framework of intervention, there are many avenues of change, as well as different endpoints of the change process. For some, abstinence from particular behaviors like injecting heroin or smoking crack cocaine are necessary and appropriate endpoints, but for others, social drinking, or developing healthy relationships with sex and food may be just as appropriate.

Effective Treatment Approaches

Medication and behavioral therapy, especially when combined, are important elements of an overall therapeutic process that often begins with detoxification, followed by treatment and relapse prevention. Easing withdrawal symptoms can be important in the initiation of treatment. Preventing relapse is necessary for maintaining its effects. However, episodes of relapse may require a return to prior treatment components. A continuum of care that includes a customized treatment regimen addressing all aspects of the life of a patient with addition, including medical and mental health services and follow up options like community or family-based recovery support systems, is crucial to the success of a patient in recovery because it helps the patient achieve and maintain a life free of drugs.